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Professor Lewis Wolpert

lewis wolpert

Lewis Wolpert is Emeritus Professor in Cell and Developmental Biology.

He originally took a degree in civil engineering and carried out research in soil mechanics, and then changed to cell biology at King's College. He has worked on the mechanics of cytokinesis, morphogenesis of the sea urchin embryo, regeneration in hydra, left right asymmetry, and has focussed on pattern formation in limb development. He has also been involved in interacting with the public in relation to science.

l.wolpert@ucl.ac.ukTel: +44 (0)20 7679 1320
(Int: 31320)


My model for pattern formation is based on cell acquiring positional identities and then interpreting their positional values according to their genetic constitution and developmental history. We have recently argued that diffusing morphogens cannot reliable specify position. We still do not know how position is specified and recorded. Another problem related to growth plates. Our limbs grow independently for more than ten years, yet our limbs are reliably of similar length. I am considering how this can occur. A major project is the fourth edition of Principles of Development


1950 B.Sc.(Engineering) University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,South Africa
1951 1952 Personal Assistant, Director, Building Research Institute, South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
1955 D.I.C. (Soil Mechanics) University of London, Imperial College
1961 Ph.D. University of London, King's college
1960 1964 Lecturer in Zoology, King's College, University of London
1964 1966 Reader in Zoology (Cell Biology),King's College, University of London
1965 European Editor, Journal of Theoretical Biology
1966 Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School
1980 Fellow of the Royal Society
1985 Co Chief Editor, Journal of Theoretical Biology 
1987 1992 President, British Society for Cell Biology
1990 C.B.E
1993 1998 Chairman, Committee on the Public Understanding of Science 
1998 Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences 
1999 Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
2003 Hamburger prize for education – American Soc.Dev.Biol.


1999 A living Hell - presenter 3 part series BBC TV@
1996 2003 A column in The Independent


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