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Lehninger 3D Structure

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Dear Students and Professors,
Welcome to the companion Web site for the Third Edition of Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by Nelson and Cox. This site a free resource designed to supplement the textbook and increase your understanding of the subject of biochemistry. This site is for you, so please share your comments and suggestions about it by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of this screen.

Lehninger 3D Structure Tutorials--Biochemistry in 3D!
This suite of dynamic tutorials explores the critical relationship between structure and function in biomolecules. The tutorials take advantage of the Chemscape Chime plug-in, which reads the atomic coordinates of molecules and renders them as interactive 3D images. New tutorials will be added all regularly, so check back often! Attention tutorial users!: Netscape Communicator (version 4.5 or above) and Chemscape Chime (plug-in version 2.0 or above) are required to view the tutorials. Links for downloading this software are provided at the bottom of this screen.

Jump-Off Links for Biochemistry on the Internet Problems
Biochemistry on the Internet problems, new to the Third Edition, introduce students to the comprehensive databases and sophisticated research tools now available on the World Wide Web. We've included lists of pertinent URLs to get you started working the problems, as well as links for downloading and learning how to use the 3D structure viewers RasMol and Chemscape Chime.

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This site requires Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (version 4.0 or above). In addition, some resources require Netscape Communicator (version 4.5 or above) and Chime plug-in for Netscape browsers (Windows version 2.0.2 and Macintosh version 2.0a or greater). The latest versions of this software can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the icons below.