Altenberg Workshops


Origins of Evo-Devo: A Tribute to Pere Alberch
Organized by Gerd B. Müller and Diego Rasskin-Gutman, September 2008

Measuring Biology Quantitative Methods: Past and Future
Organized by Fred L. Bookstein and Katrin Schaefer, September 2008

Toward an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
Organized by Massimo Pigliucci and Gerd B. Müller, July 2008

Innovation in Cultural Systems - Contributions from Evolutionary Anthropology 
Organized by Michael J. O´Brien and Stephen J. Shennan, September 2007

The Major Transitions Revisited
Organized by Brett Calcott and Kim Sterelny, July 2007

Comparative Philosophy of Technical Artifacts and Biological Organisms
Organized by Ulrich Krohs and Peter Kroes, September 2006

The New Cognitive Sciences - Bringing Evolution and Development to Bear on Mind and Brain
Organized by Lynn Nadel, Mary Peterson, and Luca Tommasi, June 2006

Arriving at a Theoretical Biology - The Waddington Centennial 
Organized by Manfred Laubichler and Brian K. Hall, September 2005

The Evolution of Communicative Creativity - From Fixed Signals to Contextual Flexibility
Organized by D. Kimbrough Oller and Ulrike Griebel, July 2005

Analog Communication - Evolution, Brain Mechanisms, Dynamics, Simulation
Organized by Karl Grammer and Astrid Juette, September 2004

Modeling Biology - Structures, Behavior, Evolution
Organized by Luciano da Fontoura Costa and Gerd B. Müller, July 2004

Viennese Roots of Theoretical Biology - The Vivarium Centenary
Organized by Manfred Laubichler, Gerd B. Müller, and Werner Callebaut, September 2002

Biological Information Beyond Metaphor
Organized by Werner Callebaut and Sahotra Sarkar, July 2002

Evolution of Communication Systems
Organized by D. Kimbrough Oller and Ulrike Griebel, October 2001

Environment, Development, and Evolution
Organized by Brian Hall, Roy Pearson, and Gerd B. Müller, July 2001

Modularity - Understanding the Development and Evolution of Complex Natural Systems
Organized by Werner Callebaut and Diego Rasskin-Guttman, October 2000

Origins of Organismal Form - Beyond the Gene Paradigm
Organized by Gerd B. Müller and Stuart Newman, October 1999

Evolution of Cognition 
Organized by Cecilia Heyes, Ludwig Huber, and Adolf Heschl, August 1998

Evolutionary Naturalism - Bioepistemology and the Challenge of Development and Sociality
Organized by Werner Callebaut and Karola Stotz, June 1997

The Emergence and Evolution of Organization 
Organized by Walter Fontana, Gerd B. Müller and Günter Wagner, September 1996


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The Altenberg Workshops are meetings focused on a key issue of biological theory. All workshops are organized by leading experts in their field, who invite a group of international top level scientists as participants.

The meetings are fully sponsored by the KLI and have only one requirement: The organizers are requested to generate a book on the workshop topic. These are not conference proceedings but edited books which further develop in their chapters the novel ideas and concepts that were produced at the meeting. The organizers of each workshop will act as the editors of the book, but the contributors are not necessarily limited to the original participants and may be complemented by experts on those topics that emerged to be important for the respective issue.

By this procedure the KLI intends to generate new conceptual advances and research initiatives in the bio-sciences, which, due to their explicit interdisciplinary nature, are attractive to a wide variety of scientists from practically all fields of biology and the neighboring disciplines. The expertise of the selected editors and authors guarantees a high quality of the books. They are fully reviewed and, if accepted, published by MIT Press as part of their "Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology". 

For more information contact Werner Callebaut.

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