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Los Alamos
Theoretical Biology and Biophysics, T-6 (formerly T-10)

About T-6

T-6 focuses on the modeling of biological systems and the analysis and informatics of molecular and cellular biological data. T-6 is one of the few research groups in the world devoted to mathematical modeling and computational analysis of problems in cellular and molecular biology. Research efforts include understanding dynamics and treatment of viral diseases such as HIV, influenza, and hepatitis; immune system modeling; receptor-ligand interactions and cell signaling; computational aspects of the human genome initiative; pattern recognition in DNA sequences; characterization and prediction of macromolecular structure; protein function and dynamics; and protein folding. T-6 has also created, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Influenza Sequence Database and the HCV and HIV sequence, immunology and resistance databases.


Nanocomputers Inside Our Bodies: Understanding How the Ribosome Decodes Genetic Information 

Conformational Dependence of Enzyme Function 

Biosciences 2004 



  • Group Leader
    Chang-Shung Tung
  • Deputy Group Leader
    Benjamin McMahon
  • Office Administrator
    Marci S. Vigil
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