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List of RNAs

List of RNAs

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This is a list of RNAs in nature. Some of these categories are broad, others are single RNA families.

RNAs involved in protein synthesis
Type  ↓Abbr.  ↓Function  ↓Distribution  ↓Ref.  ↓
Messenger RNAmRNACodes for proteinAll organisms
Ribosomal RNArRNATranslationAll organisms
Signal recognition particle RNA7SL RNA or SRP RNAMembrane integrationAll organisms[1]
Transfer RNAtRNATranslationAll organisms
Transfer-messenger RNAtmRNARescuing stalled ribosomesBacteria[2]
RNAs involved in post-transcriptional modification or DNA replication
Type  ↓Abbr.  ↓Function  ↓Distribution  ↓Ref.  ↓
Small nuclear RNAsnRNASplicing and other functionsEukaryotes and archaea[3]
Small nucleolar RNAsnoRNANucleotide modification of RNAsEukaryotes and archaea[4]
SmY RNASmYmRNA trans-splicingNematodes[5]
Small Cajal body-specific RNAscaRNAType of snoRNA; Nucleotide modification of RNAs
Guide RNAgRNAmRNA nucleotide modificationKinetoplastidmitochondria[6]
Ribonuclease PRNase PtRNA maturationAll organisms[7]
Ribonuclease MRPRNase MRPrRNA maturation, DNA replicationEukaryotes[8]
Y RNARNA processing, DNA replicationAnimals[9]
Telomerase RNATelomere synthesisMost eukaryotes[10]
Regulatory RNAs
Type  ↓Abbr.  ↓Function  ↓Distribution  ↓Ref.  ↓
Antisense RNAaRNATranscriptional attenuation / mRNA degradation / mRNA stabilisation / Translation blockAll organisms[11][12]
Cis-natural antisense transcriptGene regulation
CRISPR RNAcrRNAResistance to parasites, probably by targeting their DNABacteria and archaea[13]
Long noncoding RNALong ncRNAVariousEukaryotes
MicroRNAmiRNAGene regulationMost eukaryotes[14]
Piwi-interacting RNApiRNATransposon defense, maybe other functionsMost animals[15][16]
Small interfering RNAsiRNAGene regulationMosteukaryotes[17]
Trans-acting siRNAtasiRNAGene regulationLand plants[18]
Repeat associated siRNArasiRNAType of piRNA; transposon defenseDrosophila[19]
7SK RNA7SKnegatively regulating CDK9/cyclin T complex
Parasitic RNAs
Type  ↓Function  ↓Distribution  ↓Ref.  ↓
RetrotransposonSelf-propagatingEukaryotes and some bacteria[20]
Viral genomeInformation carrierDouble-stranded RNA virusespositive-sense RNA virusesnegative-sense RNA viruses, many satellite viruses and reverse transcribing viruses
ViroidSelf-propagatingInfected plants[21]
Satellite RNASelf-propagatingInfected cells
Other RNAs
Type  ↓Abbr.  ↓Function  ↓Distribution  ↓Ref.  ↓
Vault RNAvRNAExpulsion of xenobiotics, maybe[22]

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