\bibitem{qeg903} E. J. Richards. Quantitative epigenetics: DNA sequence variation need not apply // Genes Dev23, 1601-1605 (2009).
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[HTML] from cshlp.orgEJ Richards - Genes development, 2009 -
Interest in the impact and potential evolutionary role of inherited epigenetic variation continues 
to grow (Jablonka and Lamb 1995; Rapp and Wendel 2005). Such variation involves information 
encoded in biochemical marks on the DNA or chromatin (eg, differential histone ... 
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C Biémont - Nature Reviews Genetics, 2010 -
Recent articles by Charlesworth and Willis (The genetics of inbreeding depression. Nature 
Rev. Genet. 10, 783–796 (2009)) 1 and Kristensen et al. 2 have summarized the theoretical basis 
of inbreeding depression (the deleterious effects of crossing related individuals). ... 
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RB Meagher - The Plant Cell Online, 2010 - Am Soc Plant Biol
The epitype of a single gene or entire genome is determined by cis-linked differences in chromatin 
structure. I explore the hypothesis that "epitype and associated phenotypes evolve by gene 
duplication, divergence, and subfunctionalization" parallel to models for the evolution of ... 
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LJ Johnson… - Heredity, 2010 -
Epigenetics has progressed rapidly from an obscure quirk of heredity into a data-heavy 
'omic' science. Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of epigenomic regulation, and 
the extent of its importance in nature, are far from complete, but in spite of such ... 
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EJ Richards - Nature Reviews Genetics, 2006 -
... Eric J. Richards 1 About the author. Top of page Abstract. ... Other examples of facilitated
epigenetic variation include the many examples of epiallele formation in DNA
methylation mutant backgrounds in Arabidopsis thaliana 32, 33, 34 . ... 
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