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  • svPerfGL
    • Description: svPerfGL is an OpenGL benchmark intended to measure "real world" performance of scientific visualization applications. These applications are characterized by relatively high payload (i.e., lots of triangles) with relatively few OpenGL state changes. This application takes as input disjoint triangle payload contained in files in netCDF format, renders the frames over a user-specified time duration, rotates the entire scene by one degree per frame, then computes and reports a "triangles per second" performance metric upon exit.
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    • Download software: at the present time, there is no sample data needed for svPerfGL runs available for download from due to restrictions on the size of files we can upload to that webserver – the data files are quite large (10MB for the smallest up to about 32GB for the largest). Contact us if you need access to the data, we'll work something out. We expect this restriction to eventually be removed with upgrades to

  • mpiReadWriteTest
    • Description: mpiReadWriteTest is an MPI-based application that can be used to measure the parallel I/O performance of a computational platform. While it is not as efficient as a low-level utility that reads/writes disk blocks, it is representative of the type of performance one could reasonably expect from a "garden variety parallel application." We have used this benchmark extensively on our parallel systems to characterize I/O performance and as part of filesystem tuning.
    • Project page: No project page at the present time. The source code tarball contains a README file with build and execute instructions.
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