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2nd 1988


Developmental Biologyby Scott F. Gilbert
  • Pub. Date: April 1991
  • 891pp

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Developmental biology : the anatomical tradition3
Ch. 2Life cycles and the evolution of developmental patterns25
Ch. 3Principles of experimental embryology49
Ch. 4The genetic core of development77
Ch. 5The paradigm of differential gene expression101
Ch. 6Cell-cell communication in development139
Ch. 7Fertilization : beginning a new organism175
Ch. 8Early development in selected invertebrates211
Ch. 9The genetics of axis specification in Drosophila253
Ch. 10Early development and axis formation in amphibians291
Ch. 11The early development of vertebrates : fish, birds, and mammals325
Ch. 12The emergence of the ectoderm : central nervous system and epidermis373
Ch. 13Neural crest cells and axonal specificity407
Ch. 14Paraxial and intermediate mesoderm443
Ch. 15Lateral plate mesoderm and endoderm471
Ch. 16Development of the tetrapod limb505
Ch. 17Sex determination529
Ch. 18Postembryonic development : metamorphosis, regeneration, and aging555
Ch. 19The saga of the germ line593
Ch. 20An overview of plant development627
Ch. 21Medical implications of developmental biology655
Ch. 22Environmental regulation of animal development693
Ch. 23Developmental mechanisms of evolutionary change721