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The Art of Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition
The images from the book are available in two convenient formats: PowerPoint® and JPEG. They are located in folders on the Media DVD-ROM or can be downloaded on the web from Classwire. On Classwire the individual JPEGs are searchable by figure number, figure name, or by keywords used in the figure legend from the book.

Figure Integrated Lecture Outlines
The section headings, concept headings, and figures from the text have been integrated into PowerPoint® presentations. These will be useful for instructors who would like a head start creating lectures for their course. Like all of our PowerPoint presentations, the lecture outlines can be customized. For example, the content of these presentations can be combined with videos from the DVD-ROM and questions from the book or "Question Bank," in order to create unique lectures that facilitate interactive learning in the classroom.

Question Bank
The instructor Question Bank has been expanded with new questions. Each chapter will contain between 50-60 questions, and approximately 20-25 of those will be new. Special effort has been made to create more multiple-choice questions that can be used with student response systems (i.e. clickers). In addition to the multiple-choice questions, the Question Bank includes: fill-in-the-blank questions, matching questions, true/false questions, and concept questions or "thought questions," which are particularly challenging. The Question Bank is available on Classwire.

The Media DVD-ROM comes with every copy of the book and includes the Essential Cell Biology Interactive media player. It includes:

Essential Cell Biology Interactive
The Essential Cell Biology Interactive Media Player contains over 130 animations, videos, and molecular models. It also includes a cell explorer program that encourages students to investigate a set of high-resolution micrographs.

Student Self-Quizzes
The quizzing feature, which is new to this edition, allows students to test themselves in basic reading comprehension of each chapter. It is accessed through the Essential Cell Biology Interactive media player.

Movie Vault
The Movie Vault is an archive of movies from the media player in three handy formats: QuickTime®, MPEG, and iPod®.

PowerPoint Presentations
The figures from the book have been pre-loaded into PowerPoint presentations. There is one presentation for each chapter, and the files are located in a folder on the DVD-ROM. The files are also available on Classwire.

JPEG Archive
The individual figures from the book are available in JPEG format. They are organized by chapter in folders on the DVD-ROM. They are also available on Classwire.

Click on the link below to download a printable PDF of References for Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition which have been adapted from Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fifth Edition. For help on using the Acrobat PDF format, and to obtain the FREE Acrobat Reader software, click here

Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition References

First Day of Class Slides
Use these PowerPoint® slides to communicate information about required and recommended textbooks to your students.

All of the instructor supplements are available to qualified instructors online at the Garland Science Classwire Web site. Garland Science Classwire offers access to other instructional resources from all of the Garland Science textbooks, and provides free online course management tools. For additional information, please visit or e-mail

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