1933-2003 CSH Symp


70-Year Archive (1933 - 2003)

CSH Symposia 70-Year Archive Online

The double helix, the genetic code, jumping genes, the PCR technique, the human genome project, RNA interference ... These and hundreds of other important advances in biology were announced, debated, and distilled at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposia. These meetings, held each year on tranquil grounds of one of the world's leading research institutes, have been notable events in biomedical research since 1933.

Now this essential archive, dating from 1933 to 2003, is available online, and includes the following highly influential volumes.

1933: Surface Phenomena, Vol. I
1934: Aspects of Growth, Vol II
1935: Photochemical Reactions, Vol. III
1936: Excitation Phenomena, Vol. IV
1937: Internal Secretions, Vol. V
1938: Protein Chemistry, Vol. VI
1939: Biological Oxidations, Vol. VII
1940: Permeability and the Nature of Cell Membranes, Vol. VIII
1941: Genes and Chromosomes: Structure and Organization, Vol. IX
1942: The Relation of Hormones to Development, Vol. X
1946: Heredity and Variation in Microorganisms, Vol. XI
1947: Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins, Vol. XII
1948: Biological Applications of Tracer Elements, Vol. XIII
1949: Amino Acids and Proteins, Vol. XIV
1950: Origin and Evolution of Man, Vol. XV
1951: Genes and Mutations, Vol. XVI
1952: The Neuron, Vol. XVII
1953: Viruses, Vol. XVIII
1954: The Mammalian Fetus: Physiological Aspects of Development, Vol. XIX
1955: Population Genetics: The Nature and Causes of Genetic Variability in Population, Vol. XX
1956: Genetic Mechanisms: Structure and Function, Vol. XXI
1957: Population Studies: Animal Ecology and Demography, Vol. XXII
1958: Exchange of Genetic Material: Mechanism and Consequences, Vol. XXIII
1959: Genetics and Twentieth Century Darwinism, Vol. XXIV
1960: Biological Clocks, Vol. XXV
1961: Cellular Regulatory Mechanisms, Vol. XXVI
1962: Basic Mechanisms in Animal Virus Biology, Vol. XXVII
1963: Synthesis and Structure of Macromolecules, Vol. XXVIII
1964: Human Genetics, Vol. XXIX
1965: Sensory Receptors, Vol. XXX
1966: The Genetic Code, Vol. XXXI
1967: Antibodies, Vol. XXXII
1968: Replication of DNA in Microorganisms, Vol. XXXIII
1969: The Mechanism of Protein Synthesis, Vol. XXXIV
1970: Transcription of Genetic Material, Vol. XXXV
1971: Structure and Function of Proteins at the Three-Dimensional Level, Vol. XXXVI
1972: The Mechanism of Muscle Contraction, Vol. XXXVII
1973: Chromosome Structure and Function, Vol. XXXVIII
1974: Tumor Viruses, Vol. XXXIX
1975: The Synapse, Vol. XL
1976: Origins of Lymphocyte Diversity, Vol. XLI
1977: Chromatin, Vol. XLII
1978: DNA: Replication and Recombination, Vol. XLIII
1979: Viral Oncogenes, Vol. XLIV
1980: Movable Genetic Elements, Vol. XLV
1981: Organization of the Cytoplasm, Vol. XLVI
1982: Structures of DNA, Vol. XLVII
1983: Molecular Neurobiology, Vol. XLVIII
1984: Recombination at the DNA Level, Vol. XLIX
1985: Molecular Biology of Development, Vol. L
1986: Molecular Biology of Homo Sapiens, Vol. LI
1987: Evolution of Catalytic Function, Vol. LII
1988: Molecular Biology of Signal Transduction, Vol. LIII
1989: Immunological Recognition, Vol. LIV
1990: The Brain, Vol. LV
1991: The Cell Cycle, Vol. LVI
1992: The Cell Surface, Vol. LVII
1993: DNA & Chromosomes, Vol. LVIII
1994: Molecular Genetics of Cancer, Vol. LIX
1995: The Dynamics of Protein Kinesis, Vol. LX
1996: Function & Dysfunction in the Nervous System, Vol. LXI
1997: Pattern Formation During Development, Vol. LXII
1998: Mechanisms of Transcription, Vol. LXIII
1999: Signaling and Gene Expression in the Immune System, Vol. LXIV
2000: Biological Responses to DNA Damage, Vol. LXV
2001: The Ribosome, Vol. LXVI
2002: The Cardiovascular System, Vol. LXVII
2003: The Genome of Homo sapiens, Vol. LXVIII

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