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\bibitem{amt001} A. M. Turing. The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis // Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, Vol. 237, No. 641 (Aug. 14, 1952), pp. 37-72.

def by Turing = Определение Тюринга

It is suggested that a system of chemical substances, called morphogens, reacting together and diffusing through a tissue, is adequate to account for the main phenomena of morphogenesis. p.37

The systems actually to be considered consist therefore of masses of tissues which are not growing, but within which certain substances are reacting chemically, and through which they are diffusing. These substances will be called morphogens, the word being intended to convey the idea of a form producer. It is not intended to have any very exact meaning, but is simply the kind of substance concerned in this theory. The evocators of Waddington provide a good example of morphogens (Waddington 1940). p.38 
Waddington, C. H. 1940 Organisers and genes. Cambridge University Press.

These evocators diffusing into a tissue somehow persuade it to develop along different lines from those which would have been followed in its absence. The genes themselves may also be considered to be morphogens. But they certainly form rather a special class. They are quite indiffusible. Moreover, it is only by courtesy that genes can be regarded as separate molecules. It would be more accurate (at any rate at mitosis) to regard them as radicals of the giant molecules known as chromosomes. But presumably these radicals act almost independently, so that it is unlikely that serious errors will arise through regarding the genes as molecules. Hormones may also be regarded as quite typical morphogens. Skin pigments may be regarded as morphogens if desired. But those whose action is to be considered here do not come squarely within any of these categories. p.38

"It has been explained in a preceding section that the system to be considered consists of a number of chemical substances (morphogens) diffusing through a mass of tissue of given geometrical form and reacting together within it". p.40 \cite{amt001}


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